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When women enter their 40’s they realize that the same things that they have used for years might not be working the way it once did.

The foundations you once used to cover the spots and imperfections on the younger skin start to make some of the lines and wrinkles seem only deeper… Wrinkles to rivers?  The frosted eyeshadows that you once could use make the eyes look more wrinkled then they really are. Mascara shopping as a person ages is more like a fulltime job, to find the right texture and color. 

I have good news, I have made a career on taking the age off a persons face. Do what I say, and I guarantee a look of 5-10 years younger, but most of all you’ll feel amazing!

So what really happens when you get over 40?

The hormones and collagen are tired, and finished with production. As we enter into our 40’s . when this stops, the wrinkles and aging start.  Make sure you are working  out the face with using a great vitamin C serum in the Am and Retnoil in the PM. In using products with these ingrediants your skin will produce Fibroblast that will make the skin repair it’s self and grow more collagen.

Bad habits start to show

The stresses of everyday life will start to be reflected on ones face. The tends to happen faster in your 40’s

Redness on the skin from having the vessels dilated, maybe caused by alcohol consumption. 

Also as we enter into your 40’s not only will the hair start to grey, but so can the skin. The is all signs of not having had taken good care of your self over the years… But don’t get discouraged I’ll teach the tricks to turn this around.

6 steps to looking younger.

  1. creating a smooth canvas before you apply any formulation of a concealer or foundation. Find the moisture that leaves your face feeling subtle and hydrated, but not creasy and slippery. Many as the skin starts to show age goes over board with hydration.

    I suggest before using a foundation or concealer, start with a primer to fill in fine lines and wrinkles. This leaves the face smooth and ready to last all day along.
  1. Concealer and foundations: I make sure that the concealer is a polymer based concealer, making sure that it will stay in place as the tissue around the eyes move and stretch. Having a bit of reflection and a touch of pink will help with dark circles and as well diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The foundations, make sure they are correct for the skin type and the skin texture, most of all the correct color. One shade too dark in your foundation will age between 4-7 years….and who wants that, I am not sure!
  2. Eyebrow maintenance: Too thick, too bushy, too thin, all are ways of adding age to the face. When it comes time to fill in the brow, which will give you an instant look of youth. Make sure you use a brow pomade that will add color, hold them in place and give you a enhanced look for the face.
  3. Eye shadows that uplift the face, and bring out your eye color: lining and defining are a must.  Keep the colors lighter, except for a dramatic evening look. During the day, go with a matte or a color that had a soft shimmer in it. Stay away from the heavy frosted shadows. Pick a color that will bring out the eye color, and accessorize the eye with a navy blue tight into the lash line…. Keeping it clean and youthful.
  4. Use a mascara that will bring out the lashes:  Keeping the lashes looking full and defined is a great and simple way of showing off a more uplifted look.  I am not a big fan of doing heavy false lashes or lash extensions. I feel often this looks as if someone is trying way too hard, two mascaras that I am a big fan of ; loreal Volumious mascara , OR the LCN extreme WOW effect mascara. These can give you extreme lashes without the distorted looking lashes.
  5. Lipstick or glosses that enhance your natural tone: many people in my 30 years in the make up industry go to way too dark and heavy lip color, this will instantly age a person. Too dark of lip color will make the disappearing lips look smaller as well it shows off the lines around the mouth . look for colors that will bring out your natural lip color and be a strong back up rather than  the leading star.

The key is with aging, fight it with great skincare and a good esthetician. Using the right product will take age off the face. Come see me for a make up lesson and I’ll make sure you are ready to face your next 40 years feeling fresh and uplifted!