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We have so many options with all of the amazing metallic and shimmery eye shadows on the market, So why not know how to carry this look off every once in awhile, or everyday!

So follow along and learn, so you do not feel like a child that has been playing in your mothers shimmering eye shadows.

Prime, Prime, and PRIME

Making sure the eyelid is ready to receive the shimmer is important. Make sure you do not layer to much on. I like to know it is there, but now so much it makes the shadows crease.

Stick to two colors

When you get too many colors involved, especially those that already have a bright texture to them, will make your eye make up look a bit overdone.  Please refrain from mixing many colors or doing a rainbow effect, it make it a bit dated, think 1987. I suggest you to stick to one of two metallic shades or one metallic, and one matte. I suggest you to look for a smooth metallic texture not something that has the chunkiness of glitter in it.

Keep it next to the eye.

Sometimes bringing the shadow up above the crease will make your eyes pop. I like to think of it like matting to a photo, you put the color next to the photo (eye) to make it pop. When you’re using metallic textures, above the crease you run the risk of highlighting wrinkles or creases. I do suggest you keep the color in the area that will not bring out possible flaws.

Keeping the balance

The metallics all ready have such a strong texture, make sure you balance or blend them out with a matte color. This will keep you looking modern and up to date.

Add a bit of metal to the rest of the face. 

I love the current trend of a glowing face. Simply using a shimmer to hit you where the light hits you. The results are a much more youthful and radiant appearance.

Thoughts?  Come and see me and get a refresher so you’ll be totally ready for the holiday nightlife and on trend for the season