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Does your face need a pick me up? Winter can make the healthiest of skin look dry and dull. I have the sure ways to perk up the face.

1: Blush your way to a beautiful you:

Sweeping a soft layer of pink or peach will give your cheeks a fresher boost instantly. I think about pink of peach because they are natural to the face… Think about the color you blush.

Not too much, a simple sweep of pink or peach gives you’re the best pay off. Apply it to the apples of the cheek, make sure you blend it downward on the face. This way it looks like it comes right from you.

2: Lighten up on the foundation:

You want your skin to look like perfect skin, not like you have a cake covering up the skin. The more you cake it on, the more dry the skin will look. So look for some of the great new BB crèmes on the market. I am fond of the LIRA BB Cremes. Basically it is a tinted moisture on steroids. When I use these on my clients it will give you a beautifully hydrated look with many other skincare benefits. If you do not have a BB crème handy, add a dab of your moisturizer to you foundation. Make the glow happen. I don’t believe in adding to much finishing powder, that will just add to the dry look.

3: Eyebrows, they give you Power:

Thinking about keeping the eye brow clean and sleek can give you an instant lift. Make sure the brows are free of rogue hairs. The brown should be filled in, but be careful of the magic marker look that is so big right now. A clean and Natural brow is the way to go.

4: Cheekbones highlighted.

A little dash of shimmer will make all of the difference. The right amount will light up the whole face I like to use a light weight illuminating liquid on to the cheek bone , as well add it to the nose chin and above the brows. I use a shimmering moonlight powder for a more oily face.  This look with instantly say I am refreshed even when, you did not get the proper amount of sleep the night before.

5: Soften up the lips.

Give the lips a healthy new look by adding a layer of light pink or nude lip  gloss.  In the middle of winter stay away from the trendy matte colors, especially if you have any dry and chapped skin involved. All lip glosses are not created equal.  I suggest you find one that has true moisturized benefits. I prefer a mineral based gloss that will give you a bit of additional sun protection as well.

6: Exfoliate.

The quickest and most effective way to go from drab to fab in a matter of seconds. Remove the dead skin daily for optimal skin health. I love the clarisonic cleansing brushes for this. If you do not have one find an exfoliator that made specifically for the face, then another for the body. When you are turning over the dead skin cells, you are making the body produce more collagen.  These are essential  steps for anti aging.

7: Think before you eat.

Are you over seeing your eyeballs look dull and tried?  I have a few ideas of brightening the white. A few ways to make the whites whiter is to add more fresh fruits and veggies into your diet. I had a mother that always said you are what you eat, so look for specific food to brighten the eyes right up. I suggest carrots, avocados, kale, eggs, sunflower seeds to start.