Beauty attracts the eye, but personality attracts the heart.

There’s more to life

And there’s more to you than just what meets the eye.
When you live beautiful, you feel beautiful. And live….

A More Beautiful Life.

It has been said that eyes are the windows to the soul and I have always believed that. One thing I teach my clients is that I do not care what age they are; their life force will always be carried through the eyes.

The appearance of a person’s face tells a lot about their health. When you are wearing makeup, make sure it truly looks like healthy, radiant skin; fresh and full of life. Use makeup to enhance not to cover up.

I am always talking to clients about their diet and they consistently respond, “I eat a clean and healthy diet.” I want people to know that if it’s not the right diet for you, it’s the wrong diet. I recommend to my clients that they visit with a Naturopathic doctor which is a quick and easy way to discover what your body may be sensitive to.

Think about the face as though it is Dianna Ross and the Supremes. The eyes are Dianna and the cheeks and the lips are the Supremes. Always make sure that the backup singers never overwhelm the lead singer.

Your style makes a statement about your personality. It’s the way you dress, the way you look and the way you carry yourself. Style can be adjusted to fit the situation, so I have a few great tips to help you establish fantastic style.

Moore For Life

Moore For Life is a website based on transformation. It is 100% focused on you and you will lead yourself through the transformation. The information contained in this site is based on years of experience as well as advice from several experts who I have asked to join me. It is my hope that as you negotiate your busy life, you are able to do so in a more simple and easy way. I am a firm believer that transformation starts with one step; the first step that you take. There are many ways the journey can start – the important thing is that it’s yours.


“Moore for Life is a great resource for my busy life. Michael’s nutritional lifestyle videos offer healthy and easy tips using products I already have at home. The make up tutorials have been a timesaver by helping to simplifying my beauty routine and getting me out of the house sooner looking fabulous” – Norma J. Denver, CO

In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic

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