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In the summer months most people will wear less, more sheer make up. I do want the make up you are wear to last, as well look fresh all day long, no melting with the first sign of a HOT day!

So I bring you some easy ways to make it stay looking good all day long!

  1. Apply a lightweight moisturizer with a zinc or titanium dioxide based SPF 15 or higher. Thus is a good time to try something oil free or a good time to try one of the great new BB crèmes out on the market. The LIRA BB crème is good one to try, great multi faceted product everything you need all in one.
  2. A eye cream is needed as well, think of something with more hydration, but not a balm. Try the SANITAS peptiderm eyecream perfect to use with a concealer this time of the year. Eye cream only under the eye during the day.
  3. Using your fingers or a synthetic brush apply a long wearing concealer from the inner corner to covering the dark area and heavy as needed. Try the Simply Moore wand concealer, polymer based so it will not fall in to little fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. You will not need foundation; your Lira BB Crème will be all you need. I do often feel powder is a try essential at this time of the year. Just applying it to the more oily areas of the face.
  5. Shadow and liner: Go simple, go easy. Try the Bobbi Brown; she has made long wear make up her Mission. Pick up one of her long wear shadow sticks, many great colors to choose from. Pair the shadow up with her long wear gel liner, may favorite color is cobalt gel. This product will not come off till you take it off! Apply this with a small but tight little brush to get the perfect application.
  6. Apply a light coat of waterproof mascara or go and visit your favorite esthetician and try getting your lashes tinted for the summer, fore go the mascara for the summer.
  7. Something brightens up the face try a nice sheer pick powder or crème blush. This is great to be pared up with the sheer BB crème or sheer foundation you have on the face for summer. Make sure you apply this on the apples of the cheek. Great for the slightly flushed look.
  8. A nice sheer lip stain for the summer always a great thing to try.  They are long lasting but never heavy looking. Top that off with a nice lip balm containing a SPF 15. I really like the LIRA lip factor SPF15.

So this summer stay fresh, stay cool, but prevent the SUMMER MELTDOWN!

FALL is right around the corner, what are the 5 must have trends for 2015?

Fall is my favorite season of the year, it is my Birthday season and I have been told on numerous occasions your favorite season is often the season you were born…. So in my case it is correct! I love that the colors warm up and the clothes feel more luxurious. So the need to make the face follow trend is VERY important.

The five fall trends:

  1. A throw back from the 90’s, the BERRY lip. Pick the berry that is right for you. Try More of a deep drama berry for the evening, or someone with a touch more of a daring personality for the day. I always love a nice bright berry for day; to me every woman can wear a berry of some sort, just need to find YOUR BERRY!
  2. Bronze shadow, the go to color for shadow this fall. Make it bright, make it stand out, make it your statement. When I think of fall I love the look, it makes green eye pop. It makes blue eyes brighter. It makes brown eyes richer. Take a sweep across the lid, and then define up the eye more with your lashes. Make the lashes black and bold.
  3. Thinking about the eye area again. Go Smokey! The difference about the Smokey eye in 2015 is making this one simple. The look of a matte brown or a matte black shadow lashes to crease, blending a shimmer shadow into the crease. Line around the eye with a black or brown pencil and enhancing the line and soften it with shadow over it. Then there you have the simple Smokey eye of fall 2015.
  4. Flushed Cheeks, making the cheeks the proper accessories to the rest of the face. Find a great cheek tint to make this look happen. I love the Tarte cheek stain. It is blendable, hydrating, as well comes in many different colors. I am sure you will find the right color for yourself. Apply it to the apples of your cheek, blend it in using the warmth of your fingers, make it look like it is coming out of your skin.
  5. Last but not least, to round out the fall trends. Think about graphic eyeliner, using it on the top eyelid only. This can be as simple as using a “winged” liner, but go for a bit more bold effect.

The thing you always want to remember about follow trends of the season, pick one or two, do not use all 5 at onetime. Play have fun, enjoy the season, embrace the color and splendor it has to offer.