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As we come into fall and November, men start to put of the fall Fur. 

The Face fur is also one of the biggest trends right now, and believe it or not all over the US…. but a bigger trend we have found it to be in the Rocky mountain region.

So we have decided that if the men are going to keep the furry faces…they better know how to take care of them

Things you need to know about your beard:

Beards are great, and you really need to give your beard the care and attention that it deserves. I talked to the great people at “The Famous Beard Oil company” to give the beard in Colorado some guidance.

First did you know it takes about three months to grow a beard?

Week one you tend to get some light stubble to start to form…. never trim the stubble until at least week three.

Week three, find a professional to help you and give you some advice as to the style of beard you should be forming for your face shape.

The beard should enhance your feature, so aim for a beard that is opposite of your face shape. In an example, long face do not have a pointy beard, a square face avoid a low style in a beard.

Week six, you have a good shape starting, then we will really know if this shall be a long term commitment or not.

Week 12, you have arrived with “your” beard!

So how to take care of your beautiful facial mane? 

Treat your facial hair with tender loving care. Starting off with the Famous Beard Oil company beard and Body wash. I love that this product is a dual action product. Using it on the beard will make sure you are getting your bear free of so many nasty places we put our hands, and then touch our faces without even thinking.  When you use beard and body wash, make sure you get the wash deep into the skin. Not just washing the hair on the outside of the beard, Get deep in there men! The hairs of your beard are thicker than the ones on your head. A products specially formulated beard was can really penetrate and wash them.

After a good wash, Hydrate the facial mane. Beard oil, why do you exactly need special oil? Well the beard oil is best for a thick bear or a beard with length. It helps get that beard shiny and well maintained. You’ll only need a bit. To use the oil correctly. Get it deep into the roots of the beard first and then bring it out to the ends of the hair.

Beard oil is a more everyday product and helps you prevent beard dandruff. It’ll nourish the hair and help keep your skin in the itchy and early stages of growing out a beard.

One thing that impressed me of the Famous beard oil company product line was how many different options they in oils to keep you beard looking its very best.

Something to remember about the time you are growing out your beard, your partner might tell you often it is a bit scratchy, well Patience is a virtue. Wait for the beard to get a bit longer, the longer the softer they tend to become, No I’m not talking ZZ TOP long. If you can wait till you get a 3 month grow out it should be a nice soft kissing cushion. 

So if you are starting the beard for Movember, or you already have a good start.

I recommend getting it professionally taken care of from time to time. I suggest great specially formulated products like the Denver based product line “Famous Beard Oil Company”, last but not least, make sure you never shave a beard off at the end of summer, unless you like a tan line in a beard shape!