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As we enter the first half of 2019, I think about my 31 years of being in this industry as well the hundreds of thousand faces I have seen in those 27 years.

It all brings me to one conclusions, Woman want make up to be in the most simple of manor over all, and not to spend a lot of time to do it.

So my idea is to take you back to basics in this issue and tell you exactly what  you need for a simple quick 3 to 5 minute application, We have to be serious, most women do not want to spend more time than that, Correct?

So lets get started with the basics!

1) Concealer: Concealer can change your life, It can take the raccoon look away and make you look like you did truly have 8 hours of sleep. I sometimes think just this alone on a quick Saturday might be all you need.

Pick the right concealer, look for a texture that is creamy, but not greasy, smooth to touch. I always look for opacity and not heaviness. The difference an opaque concealer covers but does not look heavy, The heavy concealers tend to fall into lines. I do have a saying “ I would rather see a few lines as well age rather than looking like someone has beaten you”.

The right color, make sure that the color is skin tone correct, and not too white. The biggest mistake I find is women use a color too light or too white.

Where to apply it? Fill the ocular cavity, making sure you get it into the inside corner (that tends to be the darkest area of a circle).

2) Foundation: I apply foundation to make a persons skin appear smooth. I believe beauty is in seeing the skin, So only apply skin where it is needed, Celebrate your bright and healthy looking skin. If you do not need it all over DO NOT apply it everywhere! 

Pick the right foundation. Foundation is one of the most important items that you are going to have to buy. Do not skimp, make sure you buy the right foundation for you, your skin type and your skin tone, and skin texture, not your best friend. This might be one of the most expensive items you have to buy, but the MOST important.

Try to go foundation shopping during the day this way you can take a mirror and see how it looks in natural light. The base of your foundation is very important, 98% of all women are yellow based, so do not look for a pink based foundation.

Pick the right texture, drier skin tends to like something more moisture rich, liquid or crème. Oiler skin, always go for an oil free liquid or powder.  Mineral powder is always great for this skin type. Normal to dry or Normal to oily, you have a tone of options at your finger tips. Crème, compact, powder, liquid…..the options go on and on! Please make sure the color you choose disappears onto your face.

3) Brows: I feel brows are one of the most important features of a face. 

To start with two. Have a great brow shaping. I always suggest they ONLY tweeze, never wax. Waxing will take to many hairs off at one time, it makes it too easy to give an overall exaggerated brow. You are Born with the shape that naturally works with your eyes and face, now tame it and enhance the you. I have seen in some instances it will be a non surgical eye lift!

If you have got to fill the brows in do so, they are the true frame to your eye, which is the ultimate frame to your face.

4) Eye liner: Essential step for most women who are not born with those big thick comb like eyelashes. I keep it simple and easy. Use a gel based liner, they tend to be more water resistant, this will ensure staying all day.

Apply the liner to your top lashes, but from the under side of the lashes, not onto the water line, but right onto the root of the lashes where it grows out of the skin. When doing this method make sure you stay to the basics of liner colors, Brown, Black, as well Navy. Navy is one of my favorites for women over the age of 40, instantly will give you a more rested look to the eye.

5) Mascara: this is especially for the ladies with lighter lashes, it is able to give you an instant uplift to the face and pull the attention away from anything hiding under the eye. I am a stickler to make sure the mascara is applied all of the right to the root of the lashes, so always start down at the root. I see to many people who start at the tip of the lashes and all of the weight is out there at the end weighing it down.

6)Blush: Find the color that excites you and makes you feel alive. Blush could be a subtle natural color, or something bright and daring. Apply in a simple and easy way, smile apply on the apples of the cheek back towards the nub of the ear, in a downward motion. Powder is better for all skin types. Crème blush is great for drier skin or the person who desires a more dewy look.

7) Lips: Play have fun. Most women will have that go to color, it is an instant uplift for you. I really enjoy the clean simple face with a gloss, a simple berry, or a pop of a HOT  fuchsia. The brighter or deeper you go with a lip color the more confident you have got to be in your selection. Play, have fun, enjoy!

Keep in mind this application should take no longer than 3 to 5 minutes. It is your beauty essentials, the simple way to walk out of the house and simply feel your BEST!