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Moore For Life

Almost 30 years ago, I set out on a mission to make a positive impact on people’s lives. As a successful makeup artist, I was able to show people how to highlight their best features and truly shine. Inspiring confidence is the key. Beauty starts from within and having my clients understand this remains the essential message of Moore for Life. It’s more than the clothes you wear, more than your shade of lipstick and more than what others think of you. In order to get the most out of life you must invest in yourself. A few minutes each day is all it takes to make a change, boost confidence and feel great.

Moore for Life is more than makeup. It’s my expertise and showing people how to find the perfect look for any situation remains a passion of mine, however, lifestyle encompasses so many things. My goal for Moore for Life is to provide professional lifestyle tips that inspire confidence in every facet of life and teach people that having a full and complete life reaches far beyond the way they look. From starting your day off with a healthy, energizing breakfast to organizing your home or office in an optimal manner, Moore for Life is here to provide valuable tips and assistance. In the end, the mission and passion of Moore for Life is to inspire confidence in my clients and to help make their lives more simple.

Hello I’m Michael Moore and Welcome to Mooreforlife.com. I have been in the makeup, skincare and lifestyle industry for over 28 years. In those years, I have met with many different clients and helped them with their individual needs. I have built this site to make those solutions available to you. I take the countless questions I’ve been asked worldwide and created a website to help answer your own commonly asked questions.

Please watch, read and learn. Anything else you need to know? Ask me, I’ll try to get you the answer.


- Michael Moore
Vice News Logo 2000

Simply Moore

In 2000, I moved from New York City to Denver, Colorado which is a city and state I love and enjoy. I eventually started a company based on one thing, teaching a woman how to feel better about herself. My company was known for a team of people that provided many different services, but our number one service was the “Makeup Lesson.” This was a lesson that taught women individually, a 3-5-7 minute approach to makeup and how they could be Simply Moore. In 2003, I started a mineral brand of makeup called “Real Makeup,” which was custom blended, all natural and 100% about the client.

In 2014, the company was sold to an investment group and is no longer called Simply Moore.

Which brings me to 2016 and the start of MOORE FOR LIFE!

Huffington Post Logo 1995

Working with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

1995 markedĀ a huge change for me; it was the year I began working for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. I was hired to be one of three top assistants to Bobbi herself. This position taught me so much about the world that we all exist in and a lot of great opportunities were offered to me. I was featured in major magazines worldwide and worked with countless celebrities of stage, screen and music. I also had the chance to work with top political figures, royalty as well as world class athletes. My work has been seen on TV shows such as Oprah and the Today Show. It’s a gift I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Vice News Logo 1988

Nationwide travels as Makeup artist for Ultima Costmetics

I really started to hone my idea of true beauty at this point in my career. This position allowed me to see many things I never knew women had to deal with like, getting rid of the purple circles under the eyes and how to cover up rosacea while still having very oily skin. These are topics I teach about today.

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Started in the Cosmetic Arena

I started working behind a cosmetic counter in Atlanta, Georgia. This is where I found that I had a natural talent for teaching people how to feel better about themselves.